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Co-Active Coaching - Fashion & Creative Workshops

Ready to explore beyond your comfort zone to have the life that is waiting for you? To play so big that you create a new way of being, relating and experiencing life? So, I got you! I will be the growth partner of your coaching journey at Co-Active Coaching. As a fashion designer, artist, and coach, I love co-creating environments that foster a growth mindset to take your designs and art projects to the next level. I provide comprehensive services to guide and inspire you to realize your vision and overcome your challenges.

  • One Session

    Válido por 7 días
    • Co-Active Coaching
  • The Fast-Track

    Válido por 18 días
    • Co-Active Coaching
  • The Empowered Boost

    Válido por 30 días
    • Co-Active Coaching
  • The Journey

    Válido por 2 meses
    • Co-Active Coaching
  • Discovery Session

    Book a Discovery Session for us to meet and explore if we are a good match to work together.
    Válido por 7 días
    • Coaching


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