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The Art of Coaching

Updated: Apr 9

Where to start? Coaching is a relational framework through which an empowering and daring conversation partakes between Coach-Coachee.

In the Coaching container, participants are held as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole functions as a catalyst for transformation. By committing to being fully present in this daring and playful exchange, you are betting on your sense of personal agency to write your own story and master your life.

Are there areas in your life that might feel blank? Or is the narrative too confusing to understand the meaning of a life lesson or experience?

I started my Coaching Journey as a Coach regularly almost eight years ago. Even if initially my first experience began as early as when I was 14 years old, attending my first Coaching session.

Since I was a kid, personal development has been a big thing in my family. My mother and grandma led this initiative with the gifting of books and conferences about the subject. Early on, I was aware of the power of writing our own stories while overcoming life circumstances and challenges. I was initiated into Transcendental Meditation at ten and participated, from a young age, in conferences and workshops about meditation, transgenerational healing, holistic living, ayurveda, and personal development.

These frameworks and tools helped navigate migratory moves, the first big one was when I was 12, and I went to live in 5 different countries in the past decade. I also became better at tackling challenges and jumping outside my comfort zone. This was reflected in my professional achievements, relational exchanges, and overall life vision. All through my process, a question persisted: How do I craft the life I envision for myself?

Thanks to the expansive container of my Coaching Sessions, I achieved my biggest childhood dreams. Early in my career in Argentina and Mexico, I became an internationally-multi awarded fashion designer with a successful brand showcasing at fashion weeks and being featured in the leading fashion magazines in Latin America. I was living my dream. I then relocated while finishing two postgraduate degrees in the best design schools in the world and continued my career in London, New York, and Miami. Fashion runways, exhibitions, and entrepreneurism have been key pillars in my career development. All through these experiences, I had a Coach teaching me tools to overcome inner saboteurs, channel my inner leader, and expand my understanding of myself and my capabilities.

As I fell in love with the modality of the Coaching space, early on in my process, I realized I wanted to train to become a certified Coach. Almost three years ago, I started my training as a Coach, first with a course on the Neuroscience of Change by Coaches Rising. After winning a Coaching for Everyone fellowship, I began training as a Coach at the Co-Active Training Institute.

Coaching has offered me such a transformational ground. I have reached my wildest dreams by exploring, playing, and challenging myself in togetherness with a Coach. Now that I am a Coach, I can’t wait to offer that space to you!

So, Why Coaching?

Come and experience it for yourself. Take the leap of faith into the unknown, gain new tools, and explore the ground you are standing on to write the story you deserve to embody.

And ultimately, come and play! Play hard, and play daringly!

With Love,


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